Hoyer IE1 and IE2 Marine e-motors general information

Hoyer IE2 marine e-motors are manufactured according to international standards under IEC, and can be delivered with certificates from the major international classifications societies. Hoyer IE2 marine e-motors are type approved by BV and ABS (design approval) Hoyer e-motors are installed in many different industrial and marine fields all over the world, and with a proven quality, high reliability and performance, Hoyer Motors is a known and reliable brand in the market.

Technical information

  • Totally enclosed squirrel cage, TEFV, three phase e-motors type HMA2 (aluminium) in size 56 to 132 (size 160 and 180 on request) and type HMC2 (cast iron) in size 160 to 400 (below size 160 and bigger than size 400 on request).
  • Rotor is casted with 100% pure aluminium and the shaft is made of high quality C45 steel.
  • HMC2 e-motors are provided with SKF bearings. HMA2 e-motors are supplied with C&U bearings. All sizes have fixed bearing in drive-end as standard.
  • E-motors from size 56 to 160, both sizes included, are provided with closed bearings greased for life. Larger e-motors are provided with open type bearings suitable for re-greasing.
  • Stator winding is made with double coated copper wire and phase to phase insulation. The insulation system is Class F, maximum105K temperature rise at 40 °C ambient temperature.
  • E-motors below 200kW are with Class B temperature rise.
  • Class H insulation system can be delivered on request.
  • All e-motors are manufactured according IEC 60034, IEC60072, EN50347 and tested according to IEC60034-2-1.
  • Rotor is dynamically balanced with half key to full-fill vibration level IEC60034-14 grade A. Sound level within limits of IEC-60034-9.
  • Hoyer IE2 marine e-motors ≤ 3kW are manufactured for 254/440V 60Hz and>3kW for 440/760V 60Hz. Other voltages can be supplied on request.
  • All Hoyer IE2 marine e-motors are supplied with PTC terminal protection and motors ≥ frame size 160 with heating elements for stand still protection as standard. E-motors can be modified with bimetal detector and PT100 for both winding and bearings on request.
  • Protection is IP55 with shaft sealing as standard, higher protection class on request.
  • E-motor size ≥112 are supplied with eyebolts for lifting.
  • Hoyer IE2 marine e-motors are painted black RAL 9005 low gloss for use in normal industrial environments and below deck. Special painting can be supplied on request.

Application info

Hoyer IE2 marine e-motors are used within a wide variety of applications. Below some of the typical applications are listed:

  • Fans (air handling units, refrigeration plants, oil coolers)
  • Hydraulic power packs
  • Pumps (for water, fuel, oil)
  • Compressors
  • Thrusters
  • Winches and hoists
  • Cranes

For more information please download the Hoyer IE2 Motors.

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