What is a valve?

A valve is a device that regulates the flow of a fluid (gases, fluidized solids, slurries, or liquids) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways.

TSS Rotterdam supplies all commonly used valves such us:

  • Angle valves 
  • Ball valves 
  • Butterfly valves 
  • Check valves 
  • Gate valves 
  • Globe valves
  • Knife gate valves 
  • Needle valves 
  • Non return valves 
  • Overboard valves 
  • Plug valves
  • Relief valves 
  • Steam valves
  • Storm valves 
  • Quick closing valves

TSS Rotterdam supplies valves according to the following standards:

  • DIN (Deutsches Institut fur Normung)
  • JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards)
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

For more information, download our valve brochure (pdf).