Cargo Hoses

What is a composite hose?

A composite hose a.k.a. cargo transfer hose is commonly used to transfer ship to shore media such as chemicals and oil products. Most of cargo operations take place between a ship and a land-based terminal. Nevertheless it sometime can be useful to transfer cargo from one ship to another in open sea and this is called a ship-to-ship operation. At that moment, one of them will act as the terminal where the other one will moor. The receiving ship is called the mother vessel.

TSS composite hoses can be used for the following applications:

  • Chemical services: from light up to hazardous duties
  • Cryogenic services: LNG & LPG
  • Hydrocarbons: diesel, petrol and oils
  • Vapor recovery

Above mentioned hoses can be used in both onshore and offshore applications. For example tank, railcar and in-plant but also ship and barge (un)loading services.

For more information, download our cargo hose brochure (pdf).